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Signs You Need To Hire a Property Management Company

Warwick Downs - Saturday, October 22, 2022

The City of Angels continues to emerge as a growing tech hub in its storied Hollywood history. And with a real estate vacancy rate of 3.5%, perhaps you jumped into America's second-largest metro for significant ROI returns. But you soon learned that there's more to real estate than receiving monthly rent. 

If you're a Los Angeles landlord feeling overwhelmed, consider a property management company. By reading our real estate management guide, you'll understand how to look for signs that you need property management. 

Are you burned out managing multiple real estate properties? After reading this property management guide, you'll know the common signs that you need real estate management. And with Opal Estate Management, we carry the load on your behalf. 

1) You Don't Have Time for Other Things 

Does one of your tenants need their ruptured pipe fixed? And at the same time, another tenant needs their broken door fixed. Los Angeles statutes require landlords to maintain a livable environment for tenants. 

And so, if you have multiple tenant repairs, you can quickly get overwhelmed and neglect other endeavors. But with our property management company, we handle all the repairs and routine maintenance for you. You visit our services page to learn more.

2) Property Management Company for Expansion 

Perhaps you are looking to add to your Los Angeles real estate portfolio. To help manage your time, Opal Estate Management can effectively manage your property or properties to enhance your ROI. 

And with additional rental properties come more accounting responsibilities. Opal Estate Management provides expert and timely property accounting services.   

3) You Don't Live in the LA Metro 

Property management saves you time and expense if you don't live in or near the Los Angeles metro. Are you looking for new tenants but are not in the area? 

No problem. No matter where you are in the world, you can rely on our team to screen the right paying tenants for your properties. And yes, we collect your tenant's rent and can deposit it into your account. 

Do you have a tenant that's late paying rent? You don't have to stress. We handle all the late rent payments on your behalf.

Opal Estate Management works with reputable contractors and vendors to keep your rental property up to code. So, there's no need to travel to Los Angeles and waste time in this endeavor. 

And if you need help locating profitable LA rental properties, you don't have to visit. Instead, you can locate ideal Los Angeles rental properties from your living room. 

4) You Need Help with Marketing

Before relying on our expert tenant screening services, your tenants must know about your property. Creating amazing property photos and a marketing scheme takes time and skill. We can assist you in developing a profitable real estate marketing campaign.  

More About a Property Management Company

Owning Los Angeles real estate doesn't have to be a burden. With Opal Estate Management on your side, you can comfortably grow your bottom line. 

You can rely on our team, from property marketing to finding stable and paying tenants. And should the unfortunate need for eviction arise, we handle this task by the legal book. 

Contact us today to learn more about how our property management company can assist you. You can also call or email us.